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The Texas Blue
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Interview with Michael Skelly

Our guest on this episode of Who's Blue is Michael Skelly, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Texas' District 7. We talk about Skelly's experience in renewable energy, how he got into politics, and his first quarter fundraising success.

12:25 minutes (5.69 MB)

Interview with Texas Watch Executive Director Alex Winslow

On this week's episode of Who's Blue, our guest is Alex Winslow, the executive director of Texas Watch. Texas Watch celebrates their 10th anniversary in 2008, and Winslow discusses the group's goals, the successes they've had in consumer matters and insurance protections, and their plans for the future. Download and play after the jump.

20:30 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with Editor Brandon Friedman

Our guest this week is Brandon Friedman, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and editor of We discuss and blogging by combat veterans, the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, and how media coverage of the war has waned. Download and play after the jump.

12:20 minutes (5.65 MB)

Interview with Chris Turner

Our guest this week is Chris Turner, candidate for State Representative in District 96. We discuss what motivated Chris to run for office, education as a legislative priority, and the political climate in Tarrant County. Download and play after the jump.

16:10 minutes (7.41 MB)

Texas Primary Campaign Update

On this week's Who's Blue, we check in with representatives from both Democratic presidential campaigns as well as the Texas Democratic Party. Download and play after the jump.

21:10 minutes (8 MB)

Spin Room Interview with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee gives us clear and elucidating detail on the differences between two campaigns that can at times sound very much alike.

4:11 minutes (1.92 MB)

Spin Room Interview with Congressman Al Green

Congressman Al Green gives us his take on how the debate went, in the way only Congressman Green can.

0:52 minutes (410.86 KB)

Spin Room Interview with Ron Kirk

Ex-Dallas mayor and senatorial candidate Ron Kirk answers a question on the supposed "black-brown divide" and how it hasn't borne true in the past in Texas politics.

1:33 minutes (729.84 KB)

Spin Room Interview with Garry Mauro

Here we have the last of the interviews from the spin room at last week's CNN Democratic debate. First up, we have Garry Mauro fielding a question on the apportionment of delegates in the primary, particularly to majority Hispanic districts, and how the Clinton campaign plans to turn out those voters on March 4.

4:02 minutes (1.85 MB)

Ed Martin

Our guest this week is Ed Martin, a longtime Democratic strategist and former executive director of the Texas Democratic Party. We talk about the implications of a Texas primary that matters, what it means for future voter turnout, and what increased Democratic energy means for Texas Republicans.

17:40 minutes (8 MB)
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