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Bill Tracker: HR 2428 – Bioenergy

Richard Branson is powering trains in England on biodiesel. Daryl Hannah drives a souped-up biodiesel El Camino muscle car. However, absent a high level of eccentricity and money, most drivers are not using biodiesel to get to work.

A large part of the problem is that there has not been enough research done on our nation’s capacity to produce biofuels. Representative Edwards (TX – 17), along with cosponsors Lampson and Costa, is seeking to enhance our research on bioenergy.

HR 2428, if enacted, will create research opportunities at several universities to help us learn more about bioenergy. The research will be a collaborative effort between the selected universities and the Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy.

Biofuel is showing up everywhere. New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced that all city buildings will start using biofuel to supplement their heating oil, citing reduced soot emissions. Canada has begun a large incentive program to spur biofuel development.

Requested appropriation is $50,000,000 per year from 2008 to 2017.

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