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Gingrich To Consider Running For President in 2012

The National Review reports that Newt Gingrich is going to decide in 2011 whether or not he's going to run for President in 2012. The former Speaker was considered a possible candidate for the 2008 election, but chose to sit it out. He also stated that he is not running for RNC Chairman.

Anonymous Republican Senator Complains About Conservative Grip on the GOP

Longtime journalist and political insider Roger Simon has a story in The Politico in which he relates a conversation with a Republican Senator who asked to remain anonymous. Here are some of the more interesting takeaways:

“I don’t think we have learned much from the election in terms of what people want to see,” he says. “We have the same gridlock.”

Bocephus for Senate?

The Real Clear Politics Blog is reporting that Hank Williams, Jr., commonly known as "Bocephus" to his fans, is considering a Senate run in Tennessee in 2012.

Fox News Analyst Dick Morris Caught Promoting His Own Business On Live TV

Media Matters has caught Fox News Analyst Dick Morris repeatedly using his perch on Fox to raise money for a PAC that employs his email communications consulting company. This is not the first time that Fox News has had conflict of interest problems with their commentators, nor is it likely to be the last.

The Humiliation of Texas Continues

Noted internet satirist Jesus' General offers his commentary on the on-going escapades of the Texas legislature with regards to science education. The organised resistance to the teaching of science in schools not only humiliates Texas on the national scene, but has strong ripple implications for education policy all over the country.

Joe The Plumber Accuses McCain of Throwing Palin Under the Bus

Joe The Plumber's fifteen minutes of fame seem to be dwindling. He's gone from major interviews all over the media to being interviewed by college papers. In an interview with Tufts Daily, he offers up the notion that Sen. McCain is doing an insufficient job of defending the reputation of his erstwhile running mate, Gov.Sarah Palin:

Pete Sessions To Head NRCC, Democrats Rejoice

Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) has been elected to head the NRCC. The NRCC is the Republican committee charged with electing members to the House of Representatives. The NRCC chairman is responsible for targeting races, recruiting candidates, raising money and supporting candidates in their races. Democratic strategists are hopeful, as Sessions has never had any history of large-scale strategic thinking and success.

DeLay's Chickens Come Home to Roost

The Politico rightly notes that that not only is this the first time in almost seventy years that Texas' congressional delegation doesn't have lots of seniority and plum committee assignments, but that this is largely due to Tom DeLays's machinations to redistrict the state. Had DeLay not been greedy and gerrymandered the state, we would have three more great Democrats, like Martin Frost, as committee chairs. It will most likely take decades to rebuild that kind of accumulated seniority.

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