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Anonymous Website Promoting "Biden 09"

Apparently, someone thinks it's funny to make jokes about Joe Biden as President in 2009.

Kay Bailey Hutchison Punts on Ted Stevens

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, the number three Republican in the Senate, had the following to say about convicted felon Ted Stevens (R-AK):

Tom DeLay Summarizes the Republican View of Obama on Hardball

Tom DeLay found some time in his busy schedule of blogging and astroturfing to appear on MSNBC's Hardball, and he managed to once again provide the same level of popcorn-throwing entertainment that Houstonians loved for so many years.

Houston Chronicle Poll: Bill White beats Perry and Hutchison for Governor (in Harris County)

My hometown paper recently commissioned a poll in which they found that Houston Mayor Bill White would beat Perry and Hutchison in 2010 among voters in Harris County. He beats Perry 61-28 and Hutchison 53-33. White, a former Clinton appointee and head of the Texas Democratic Party, is currently serving in a non-partisan capacity.

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