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Is This Thing On?

You'd think experienced politicos and media personalities like Republican strategist Mike Murphy and conservative columnist Peggy Noonan would be savvy enough to know when they're being recorded and when they're not.


Hop over to Talking Points Memo and find out how Murphy and Noonan really feel about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's VP nod, courtesy of MSNBC B-roll footage.

Obama on O'Reilly

I think the last time I willfully watched an episode of The O'Reilly Factor was when Stephen Colbert was scheduled to appear, followed shortly by O'Reilly appearing on Colbert's show. But tomorrow, I'll be watching again — as, run against McCain's acceptance speech tomorrow, senator and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama will be appearing on The Factor. I'm hoping for a Bill Clinton-esque beatdown, though I imagine that may not be befitting a presidential candidate — even when dealing with someone like Bill O'Reilly. Nevertheless, I'll be watching.

Betting on Sarah Palin's Withdrawal?

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's family issues have, for better or for worse, been dissected by the media over the past few days, despite Senator Barack Obama's urging that such issues should not be part of a campaign. But one interesting side issue that has arisen from that has been the rumor that Sarah Palin will be declining the vice presidential nomination due to "family reasons." What? You say you wouldn't bet on it? Apparently, others disagree. Intrade, an online predictions market (think of it as buying a share in your presidential candidate, for example), has been tracking the chances that Sarah Palin would withdraw, and just about every news outlet in America has picked up on it.

Democratic National Convention 2008 Recap: Video of Best Speeches

We here at the Blue have spent this week eating, breathing, and sleeping the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. The event's over, Senator Obama has accepted the nomination, and it's time for a recap — so, here for your viewing pleasure, are the five most important speeches of this year's historic convention, as judged by yours truly, in chronological order.

We Have A Nominee

Senator Barack Obama was officially declared the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party yesterday, when his former rival in the primaries, Senator Hillary Clinton, called for Sen. Obama's nomination by acclamation.

Obama Selects Biden As VP Candidate

I haven't gotten my text message yet, but it's official: CNN reports, and Senator Obama's web page confirms, that he has selected Senator Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate.

U.S. Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones, 58, Passes Away

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones died today after a massive brain aneurysm. Tubbs Jones was a familiar face to many recently as a vocal supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. She stood out for her witty, outspoken but always positive nature. She will be missed. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

U.S. Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hospitalized

EDIT: Congresswoman Tubbs Jones has passed away. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

Countering earlier reports, The Cleveland Plain Dealer says Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones is in critical condition at Huron Hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm last night. We'll have more for you as it's reported.

Brimer Still Trying To Sue His Way To Victory

As a challenger, you know you're doing a good job when the incumbent is so scared for his position that he is willing to take the hit in credibility from suing to try to take you off the ballot so he doesn't have to compete with you. By that metric, SD 10 candidate Wendy Davis is giving incumbent Senator Kim Brimer the race of his life.

Straight Talk Express Stuck In The Mud

Eugene Robinson at WaPo discusses how quickly St. McCain has gone to mudslinging to try and get an edge on Obama.

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