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On The Record: Howard Watt

This week I spoke with Howard Watt, Chair of the Advisory Board of the Jewish Studies Program at the University of North Texas.

On The Record: Steven Bollinger

This week I talked with Steven Bollinger, past president of the Texas Young Democrats and campaign manager for State Representative Chuck Hopson in 2006.

On The Record: Michael Apodaca

For this installment of On The Record, I spoke with Michael Apodaca, President of the Texas Young Democrats.

On The Record: Hal Ray

This week I visited with Hal Ray, State Democratic Executive Committeeman from Senate District 30.

On The Record: Bill Kelly

This week I sat down with Bill Kelly, Chief of Staff for State Representative Ellen Cohen.

Former President Clinton comes to Texas to show us who's really blue

I was fortunate enough to attend former President Clinton's speech last night, and needless to say, he's the most dynamic, inspiring, and powerful man with which I'll have the pleasure of being in the same room.

Okay, enough of my "googly eyes" — let's get down to business.

On The Record: John Courage

I sat down with John Courage, 2006 Democratic candidate for Congress from District 21.

The Environmental Coup

What do you get when 500 climate scientists gather to discuss greenhouse gases?

Where's the Switchgrass?

In the President's State of the Union address this evening, he will be addressing issues on which he can find common ground with the Democrat-led Congress. It is safe to say his goals will be modest, with his approval rating now around 30% and having only kept a third of the promises from his last State of the Union, says ABC news. The question is, this time around, how will the president fare with an opposing Congress, when he could only achieve a third of his goals last time with a Republican majority?

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