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Mark Penn Out at Clinton Campaign

Long the subject of much debate, Clinton's chief strategist Mark Penn had attracted everything from wild praise to dark criticism, depending on the source. For the last several months, it was usually more criticism than praise. Late last week it came out that Mark Penn's PR firm had been working for the Colombian government in their efforts to nail down a free trade deal with the United States. Clinton opposes the deal, and the fairly quick result was Penn's resignation from his role on the campaign.

VP Rice?

This is an interesting turn of events, even though it isn't quite surprising: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is lobbying to be McCain's running mate. Rice has said before that she wasn't interested in such a thing, but don't they all say that?

Blackwater Contract Renewed

Remember how Blackwater's conduct and operations in Iraq were horrifying and embarrassing? Well, the State Department just renewed their contract in Iraq for another year.

I tried to come up with something snappy to say here, but I failed.

News Roundup, 4/4/08: A Veritable Quagmire of News

As news goes, the weeks really seems to cycle between one of three varieties: a week with almost no news, a week with a few gigantic stories, or a week with many interesting happenings. This week has turned out to be of that last variety.

Michael Skelly Gets Some National Press

Michael Skelly, running for John Culberson's congressional seat down in the 7th District, is becoming a hot candidate. He is drawing a ton of national interest because he is fundraising at a murderous pace. Politico puts his numbers for this quarter at around $750,000. Keeping it going at this pace will make him extremely formidable in November, and he's worth watching.

Daily News, 4/2/2008: Est. 1979

April Fool's Day reached into politics yesterday, with humorous results.

The Fix Is In

Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza just released his collection of the nation's top political blogs as picked by him and his readers. His picks for Texas? It looks like we made the list.

Unintended Consequences

Rush Limbaugh has come to call his requests for Republican listeners to switch parties and vote for Hillary Clinton "Operation Chaos". Never mind that it is illegal — now Rush is creating problems for his Republican listeners that follow orders.

The Michigan Compromise

Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan has an idea for seating the Michigan delegates, and it involves a little bit of the state's primary and a little bit of the total primary popular vote. I'm sure there's a sea of ideas being proposed in both Michigan and Florida, but I kind of like this one.

News Roundup, 3/31/08: A Conventional Weekend

Over the weekend, Texas Democrats took the next step in our state's primary-and-caucus process. People headed to gyms, churches, and resorts — or as was the case with most of us here at The Texas Blue, a park — to elect delegates to the state convention, among other things.

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