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Too Close To Call?

Expectations for today's elections being the end of all things have been lowered because the results may be too close to be decisive, with both camps saying they will press on. Alternatively, MSNBC is convinced the chances for tonight's results to wrap things up are decent and presents some possible scenarios.

Estimated Turnout: 3.3 Million

When was the last time you could say that most of the people you know are voting?

Let's Talk About the Weather

Via TPM, it looks like the weather in North Texas tonight will be a dumbed down version of what Ohio can expect tomorrow - snow, freezing rain, and eleven other things that can dampen turnout are in the forecast for the Buckeye State on Texhio Tuesday. Which candidate is helped by a low turnout in Ohio?

Video: Senator Obama's Closing Remarks in Fort Worth

Earlier we had Senator Clinton wrapping up her Dallas rally on Saturday. For the contrast, here's Senator Obama ending his speech in Fort Worth last Thursday night, after the jump.

Video: Senator Clinton's Closing Remarks at Fair Park

In this clip, Senator Clinton finishes her speech at Fair Park Coliseum in Dallas on Saturday. Video after the jump.

News Roundup, 3/3/08: Tomorrow is Primary Day

Last week was a hard one in the news and the weekend was no exception. If you've been waiting for some sort of news bombshell to drop, for good or ill, you were likely disappointed, unless stories about weak fundraising performance by John McCain or possible legal squabbles are included in what you were looking for.

Pictures from Clinton's Rally at Fair Park Coliseum

Check after the jump for images from Senator Clinton's rally in Dallas on March 1 at Fair Park.

Dallas Morning News Endorses Obama and... Huckabee?

Mike Huckabee received the Dallas Morning News endorsement this morning. They admit he has no chance to win the nomination, but they think he is "a good investment" for the GOP with an eye towards the future. Read all about it.

The Clinton Media Blitz

Sure, both candidates are buying a lot of ads ahead of Tuesday's primaries, but Senator Clinton is really moving and shaking in the popular media. She was on Saturday Night Live last night for the opening bump, and she's going to do The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Monday night. She's also going to do another multi-state, cable-televised townhall meeting on Monday night, and she said at her rally yesterday it will be on Fox Sports Southwest, which, while it isn't Lifetime or Oxygen, is a popular network in Texas.

Mukasey Folds; Bolten, Miers Not Off the Hook

I guess it shouldn't a be a surprise, but Attorney General Mukasey refused to send the contempt of Congress case against former White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers to a grand jury. The House will file a lawsuit instead.

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