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No Bush

One of the funnier moments from last night's Obama rally in Fort Worth. Video after the jump.

TDP Counsel on Letters

TDP Counsel Chad Dunn tells me he has yet to receive an official response from either campaign. He also clarifies the TDP's position a little, in the face of some arguments from the Clinton campaign that they don't know where the idea of legal action came from: "My understanding is that it was a series of comments over time that, taken in aggregate, were universally taken by TDP staff to be legal threats," said Dunn. "We want to resolve all these issues now. If anyone has a problem with the rules, we'd like to find out and deal with them, because litigation between now and March 4th is going to have one effect and that is to disenfranchise Texas Democrats."

More on Litigious Possibilities

If you would like to read the letter from TDP General Counsel Chad Dunn to the campaigns, you can see it here. I just spoke with Clinton's Texas spokesperson Adrienne Elrod, and she asserted that the main issue for the Clinton campaign is a question of seeing agreements in writing. "It is our standard operating procedure that anytime we enter into an agreement, we want to see that agreement in writing." I have requested a kick up the ladder to Guy Cecil, and we'll see what that yields. More to come.

News Roundup, 2/29/08: Last Days

We have many things to cover and a long way to go between now and Tuesday, but some developing stories will stay with us for the duration.

Liveblogging Obama's Fort Worth Rally

9:30 PM - I think I'll leave the final thoughts retrospective for in the morning. Let it be enough tonight to say that both the Clinton and Obama campaigns are fierce machines that offer fast rides while national politics has cast eyes on Texas. I have started to think that no one really knows how March 4th will turn out, and that we may not know until March 5th (or possibly even March 6th) as it may be very close. But who knows for sure in these days of broken records and shifting worlds? What I do know, both implicitly and explicitly, is that A) we probably won't see the presidentials again after March 4th, and B) the landscape of Texas politics has been changed forever by these two campaigns swinging into town for awhile. What that means in the big picture largely depends on the newly motivated, the devoted supporters, and the devout Democrats both campaigns will leave behind.

Video: Bill Clinton at the Mountain View Rally in Dallas

In two parts, Bill Clinton's entire speech from a rally at Mountain View College in Dallas, after the jump.

News Roundup, 02/26/08: Early Voting and the Trials of McCain

Early voting continues in Texas at a breakneck pace, far exceeding the early vote numbers from 2004, and often exceeding them by ten times or more.

Video: Rafael Anchia in the Spin Room

State Representative Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) outlines how the current situation could not be more perfect for Texas Democrats and what a Barack Obama candidacy does for Texas and Senate candidate Rick Noriega. Video after the jump.

Video: Royce West in the Spin Room

State Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) discusses the enormous interest in the debate and early voting, and the increased activity he has seen in and around his Dallas district. He also discusses the excitement and good fortune for Democrats as a leadership responsibility. Video after the jump.

News Roundup, 02/25/08: The Third Act Begins

Friday felt like the start of something — almost as if the primary in Texas turned into a movie over the last few weeks, and the day after the debate in Austin was the jumping off point for the third act.

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