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The Governor King of Texas

Legislature? Legislation? Who needs a legislative body and legislation when you have a governor king and executive orders? At least recently, it seems as though Governor Perry is operating within this distorted frame of mind.

Castles and Coal Plants

According to the Castle Doctrine, a person's home is their castle and they have a right to defend it. Texas lawmakers are attempting to change current state law to reflect this common-law theory. Sen. Wentworth and Rep. Driver are sponsoring the bills which would make the change. Sen. Wentworth believes that Texans "...attacked in their homes, their businesses, their vehicles, or anywhere else have a right to defend themselves."

In Austin, Higher Education Is Not a Priority

No matter what you hear, no matter what they say, higher education is not a priority. They like to talk about how important it is, but when it comes down to doling out the money, higher education just never seems to reach the level of priority of, say, property tax cuts.

Either You're With Me, or You're With The Cancer

Governor Perry has taken a page from President Bush's war-selling, terrorist-fighting play book. The Governor has drawn a line in the Austin sand. The stage is set with Governor Perry on one side, Republicans on the other, and Democrats standing aside awaiting for the drama to unfold. Perry is daring the legislature, essentially claiming that if they're so hell bent on young girls getting cancer, they should go ahead and pass legislation to obstruct his life saving executive order.

Commending Incompetence, The New Republican Schema

Many folks often portray the two parties in terms of mother and father. The Democratic Party is considered the maternal party, and the Republican Party the paternal. Through the years one could make a reasonable case for this characterization. However, after gaining governing authority for the past ten years Republicans have relinquished and abandoned their obligation to govern in a responsible and sensible manner. Republicans have become the deadbeat dad.

Religious Right Group Wretchedly Wrong

In the small north Texas dairy town of Windthorst, population 440, one of their treasured and beloved sons recently fell victim to an IED attack in Iraq. The death of 21 year old Marine Sgt. Gary Johnston shook this small community to its core. It's a tragedy that has spread beyond family, friends, and community. The entire immediate region suffers the loss.

North Texas Rural Hospital Facing Future Financial Crisis

Clay County Memorial Hospital's financial condition is sound, it's without long-term debt, and costs are being controlled. Nevertheless, this north Texas rural hospital could go the way of the drive in theatre: extinct.

Rep. Chisum Loves Him Some Sex Legislation

Rep. Warren Chisum is at it again. He seems obsessed with any and all legislation dealing with sex. He can't get enough of it. Rep. Chisum is well known for his infamous anti-sodomy bill that was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas.

More Windmills, Fewer Coal-Fired Plants

Instead of fast-tracking construction of 17 coal-fired power plants, Governor Perry should fast-track state funding for conservation measures and energy alternatives to help alleviate future electricity shortages.

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