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Give Thanks For: Great Educators

In my entry-level environmental science class at the University of North Texas, Dr. Ken Dickson instructed the mass of Freshman and Sophomores. Dickson’s lectures informed students about current global environmental issues.

I have always been concerned about the environment and the escalating climate condition problems; however, I was not sure of the best way for me to affect the needed change. Dr. Dickson was the voice of knowledge that taught students the steps to take to make a difference.

Throughout the semester, Dr. Dickson spoke day after day about the avenues everybody can utilize to be more environmentally conscious. He advocated writing letters to our elected officials, making life-style changes, and led by example by ranching organically-raised cattle.

The class introduced me to the political process of making a difference. I found the Democratic Party was the party that aligned with my beliefs about conservation and helping all people in society.

Great Educators Make a Great Difference

Great Educators make a great difference that is liked and that starts with a philosophy of education which appreciates good educational philosophies -this educational philosophy on the philosophies of education may inspire teachers and educators:

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