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Nominations and State Chair Candidates

The Nominations Committee is in recess, having just given 24 of 29 votes to Boyd Richie. Some extraordinary things just happened in this room, not the least of which is that Chairman Richie just answered questions for an hour and picked up a few votes, and he was able to do that while in the middle of running the largest TDP state convention in modern history. More on this after the jump.

In 2006, Glenn Maxie and Boyd Richie were both running for Chair and the Nominations committee meeting was a much shorter affair: Richie and Maxie almost evenly split the vote coming out of the committee.

This time, Boyd Richie garnered his 24 votes from the Nominations committee facing two other candidates and a tough round of Question Time. Consider that for a moment. The Nominations Committee is elected by the Senate Districts, not appointed by the party.

This committee truly represents the will of a newly energized Democratic Party, one that is incredibly diverse, vibrant, and ready to win. That they voted so overwhelmingly for Boyd on the first ballot speaks not only to the incredible job Boyd has done and his strength as a candidate for re-election, but it also speaks to the character of the Nominations committee itself. The Senate District caucuses chose these elected representatives well.

Easy on the fluffing, Josh

There'll be time enough for that after the vote.

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