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Rabid Response

Are any of you guys as sick of hearing false claims of "euthanasia" and "Nazis" and "death panels" at health care town halls as I am? Frustrated that plain, overt facts are somehow being passed over for sensationalist tripe from the lowest of TV personalities?

If you are, you'll enjoy this piece from Roger Simon at the Politico on how the country's figureheads of Republi—excuse me—conservatism have brought us into the age of rabid response: attacking a subject with such an extreme, scorched-earth response that hopefully your opponents will be too stunned to respond.

Have concerns over Barack Obama’s health care plan? I don’t doubt it. The plan is very long and very complicated and still a work in progress.

But there is one thing we do know about it: It will establish “death panels.”

How will the death panels operate? Who will be on them? Will they validate parking? We do not know. We know only that the death panels will judge each individual’s “level of productivity in society” and render a life or death judgment.

So says Sarah Palin on her Facebook page.

In olden times, Palin might have made this claim at a speech or during a news conference where reporters might have asked questions like: “What proof do you have?” or “Aren’t you just trying to scare people?”

But Palin does not risk that. She takes no questions. She has done her duty as a rabid responder. She has rung the tocsin, sounded the alarm, lit the signal fire.

Truth? Accuracy? Responsibility?

Not her territory.

His treatment of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are just as worth the read.

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