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On The Record: Dwight Fullingim

For this episode of On The Record, we speak with Dwight Fullingim, Democratic candidate for United States Congress for District 19.

What prompted you to run for public office?

During George W. Bush’s presidency, I realized our national leaders were making very unwise decisions, especially concerning military operations in Iraq, in large part out of ignorance of concerns that matter, but also out of harmful motives in domestic policies.

It finally became clear that I couldn’t sit back and hope for better-minded candidates to appear. I have to take this job on myself, and so I have done so.

What would you say are the primary issues concerning your area?

Use the resources of the USA to benefit and improve the lives of the people who live here. Turbo capitalism has not produced the kind of world we want, and the worst excesses must be stopped and common sense must take over again.

Our competitors, the European Union and China, made full use of this lapse in judgment to gain important advantages in this area.

What are your qualifications for the position for which you are running?

I have more than 30 years experience as a corporate executive, and a decent education with a lifetime of reading, observation and travel. I have wide and deep connections to the region I seek to represent.

My broad understanding of energy, national defense, agriculture, business and education is important for the position I am seeking.

Who are the important political figures that inspired you to become active in politics?

An important political figure for me is George Mahon, congressional representative from District 19. Mahon set the standard for political representation.

What is your biggest hope for Texas?

My hope for Texas is for it to surpass even California in its economy, as well as leadership in education, the arts and recreation.

California and the economy

Fellow California is sinking in debt, is that what you really want for Texas. No thanks Smokymountains

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