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Some Early Polling On TX-SEN and TX-GOV

Research 2000 for Daily Kos, April 20-April 22, 2009
Margin of Error +/- 4%

We've got some early polling numbers out on the Senate race that may happen sometime in the next year to three years. Befitting the muddled state of the race and its participants, there's a lot of different information to be taken away from these polling numbers. Greg Abbott and David Dewhurst both lead John Sharp and Bill White in overall numbers, but only in the single digits. Likewise, both Sharp and White lead both Michael Williams and Florence Shapiro.

On the Governor's race, Tom Schieffer, the former Ambassador to both Australia and Japan as well as the former President of the Texas Rangers, faces an uphill battle no matter who he's matched up against. His numbers are slightly better versus Rick Perry than versus Kay Bailey Hutchison. Across all demographic categories polled, 59%-64% of Texans don't have an opinion on Tom Schieffer versus single digits for Texans who don't have an opinion on either Rick Perry or Tom Schieffer.

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