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The Texas Blue
Advancing Progressive Ideas


A "Who's Blue?" audio podcast.

Interview with Chris Bell

This week I spoke with former Congressman and 2006 gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell. We discussed the Faith In Texas PAC, a new organization Bell has started to aid candidates running for office in Texas. Download and play after the jump.

17:00 minutes (7.79 MB)

Interview with Congressman Charles B. Rangel

Joining us this week is Congressman Charlie Rangel, who represents New York’s 15th District. We discuss his origins in politics, the tenor and the tone of Washington negotiations, and his new book, And I Haven’t Had A Bad Day Since. Download and play after the jump.

14:20 minutes (6.57 MB)

Interview with State Senator Eliot Shapleigh

Joining us on Who's Blue? this week is Eliot Shapleigh, state Senator from El Paso representing Senate District 29. We discuss the progress being made on children's health insurance this session, whether base realignment is actually an apolitical process, and how the TYC scandal is going to end up. You can listen to it here. You can also visit his website at

21:45 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with State Representative Allen Vaught

Joining us this week is Allen Vaught, freshman State Representative from District 107 in Dallas County. We discuss his work as an environmental attorney, recent news concerning TXU and Halliburton, and his military service in Iraq, during which he became the "defacto mayor of Fallujah."

21:45 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with State Representative David Farabee

In this week's episode of Who's Blue, I speak with David Farabee, State Representative from District 69 in Wichita Falls. We discuss his family’s political legacy, his work on children’s mental health issues, and why he had to run as a write in candidate in his first race.

15:45 minutes (7.21 MB)

Interview with State Representative Ellen Cohen

On this episode of Who's Blue?, I talk with Ellen Cohen, freshman State Representative from District 134 in Harris County.

We discuss her experiences so far in the 80th Session, her work at the Houston Area Women's Center, and legislation concerning the Texas Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

14:30 minutes (6.64 MB)

Interview with Barbara Ann Radnofsky

This week, I had a conversation with Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Texas Democratic candidate for US Senate in 2006. We discuss her campaign, her future plans, and her book "The Dancer's Dead," available from

18:10 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with Terry McAuliffe

Joining me this week is Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee chairman and current chair of Senator Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

We discuss his long and storied career in politics, the American political landscape ahead of the presidential primaries, and his new book, "What A Party."

11:50 minutes (5.42 MB)

Interview with State Representative Richard Raymond

This week, I interview Richard Raymond, State Representative from District 42. We discuss a number of bills up for consideration this session, the proposed restoration of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, and the partisan environment in the State House.

42:15 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Dennis Teal

This week we interview Dr. Dennis Teal, the State Democratic Executive Committeeman from Senate District 3.

We'll be discussing the state party leadership structure, Democratic politics in rural Texas, and his role on the committee.

31:05 minutes (8 MB)
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