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Bill Tracker: HB 243 - Lost and Found Polling Place

(Part 3 of 5 in a symposium on election law)

There was a television show that followed Donald Trump around on election day. The Donald walked in ready to cast his vote only to discover that he was not at his precinct in Manhattan. No problem. The Donald crossed town walked into another precinct and found he was still in the wrong place. I'm pretty sure somebody got fired that day.

HB 243 is aimed at curing the Donald's problem. HB 243 allows local election officials to open an additional polling place on election day for lost voters. One of the good parts of this legislation is that it is not an unfunded mandate, rather, an option for locals to have if they feel the need.

This bill enlarges the voting population by giving lost voters a clearinghouse, but it may create a logistics nightmare for election officials.

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