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Bill Tracker: HJR 25 - Prohibiting Vouchers for Private Education

Recently, I wrote an article on financing public education detailing my objections to the voucher concept as a whole in Texas. I also mentioned the bills introduced this session to set up a voucher program in Texas. HJR 25, introduced by Richard Raymond, goes one step further. It creates a constitutional amendment prohibiting the creation of a voucher system in Texas that provides any state or local funds to pay for attendance at a private school. Of particular note is that HJR 25 does not eliminate a voucher system for public schools.

We asked Representative Raymond about HJR 25. He stated, "I believe that we need this constitutional amendment because the overwhelming number of Texans feel that our public schools need to be as strong as possible and the voucher proposal would simply undermine education in Texas . I believe that if this proposal is on the ballot it will pass overwhelmingly. My challenge to those who are in favor of the voucher system, let HJR 25 pass and placed on the ballot and let the voters decided. I feel confident on the outcome and let's see if the pro-voucher people feel the same."

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