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Bill Tracker: HB 129 - Liability of Author of Website Posting

HB 129 expands our libel laws by including defamatory statements expressed on an Internet Website. The prevailing party under this bill would be entitled to force the author or Internet website to remove the defamatory statement. The regular rules for proving and pursuing a libel case remain in effect.

Bill Tracker : SB 105 - Collaborative Government for a New Law School

It was a packed house. High priced lawyers, educators, community leaders all present at the Dallas Bar's mansion to talk about "the" newest public law school in Texas. In fact, we were setting up scholarships. I found it incredibly odd because "the" new law school didn't even exist. That's about to change with the passage of SB 105 - the bill to create the University of North Texas College of Law.

This bill should succeed where others have failed because of the unique collaborative agreements being made by the City of Dallas, University of North Texas, and our state legislature.

Bill Tracker: HB 112 and HJR 22 - Creating a Redistricting Commission

Texas redistricting has a healthy history full of scandal and busrides. Some would say it's just good ol' politics as usual. The U.S. Supreme Court's interpretation of redistricting in Texas seems to support this position. Yet, others like Mark Strama, D-Travis, Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, Governor Schwarzenegger, and voters in Arizona, Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Jersey, Indiana, Maine and Connecticut take a different stance. They believe that redistricting should be a politically neutral exercise in preserving the "One Person, One Vote" maxim of our democratic process.

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