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Change Is Good

When Josh, Curtis, Karl and I founded the Blue about a year and a half ago, we never would have imagined that we would have risen so quickly in the Texas blog community. We've got all of you to thank for the success we've seen and hope to continue to see long into the future.

We've gotten a lot of positive comments on the changes we've been making to the Blue since its inception. We've made a clearer distinction between our news blogging and our long-form articles and research, and thanks to that have been able to bring you the best in progressive local, state and federal political news quickly and succinctly. We've gotten our Who's Blue? interview podcast up on iTunes for you iPod and Internet audio junkies out there. And our feature articles have been cited everywhere from local papers to the Washington Post and the Nation, and in numerous other media in between.

But we're not about to rest on our laurels. We're soon going to be launching our newly redesigned site, which will make all our breaking news and analysis even easier for you to access. We're going to be bringing you more audio, getting more in-depth into salient political issues across the state. And, of course, there will be some other major new additions as we get further into the year that we're keeping up our sleeves for now.

We've also made some administrative changes. I'm the Editor in Chief of the Texas Blue; Josh has stepped down and will stay with us as Senior Editor, and of course Patrick McLeod will continue as our Contributing Editor. Our phone number has also changed, which will likely make the folks who no longer have to call us long-distance from Austin very happy. You can check our masthead for the details.

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with us over our time here at the Blue. We'll bring you much more as time goes on, and hope to be your leading source for progressive Texas and national news and opinion for a long time to come.

Thanks for reading.

George Nassar
Editor in Chief

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