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Covering the coverage - HD 29

There was a special election all up ins House District 29 on Tuesday, in which Democratic candidate Anthony DiNovo came in third, setting the stage for a Republican run-off. Early results looked like this, representative of the way the whole thing turned out:

(D) Anthony A. DiNovo 1,642 22.43%
(R) John Gorman 116 1.58%
(R) Mike O'Day 3,508 47.92%
(R) Randy Weber 2,054 28.06%

Total votes: 7320

DiNovo's main problem was the district, as opposed to his campaign - in 2002, Glenda Dawson defeated then-incumbent Democrat D.R. Uher 58/42, and ran unopposed in 2004. The results aren't terribly surprising, but they do display that maybe with higher turnout or a little more infrastructure, DiNovo gets into the runoff in this race. Yet another district proving to have possibilities for Dems.

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