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Down The Stretch

Well, dear readers, we're officially into the final weekend before Pennsylvania votes on Tuesday. Thanks to the hit job/talk radio's greatest hits/debate/farce that ABC put on earlier this week, the traditional media is abuzz with all the important issues like flag pins, whether or not Reverend Jeremiah Wright loves America (he is still not running for office, in case you were curious) and what happened on that runway at Tuzla instead of those boring old issues like the economy, foreign policy and health care.

It seems like it's been three months since the last primary or caucus. To get us warmed up again for the primary, I thought we might take a quick look at SUSA's latest poll from Pennsylvania:

SUSA, 4/15/08

Clinton 54%
Obama 40%
Other 3%
Undecided 3%

Have a gander at Mystery Pollster's "poll of polls" for PA here.

I prefer SUSA for this contest because they push undecideds to go with their first choice, hence the lower number of undecideds in this poll than others. That's why SUSA is not showing this race to be tightening to the same degree as other polls which do allow for undecided responses.

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