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Give Thanks For: Finite Choices & Infinite Possibilities

Politics and elections are the most consequential aspects of our society. One does not need to be an historian or political scientist to understand this reality. After seven years of Bush Republican rule, I am optimistic and hopeful more Americans will now grasp the seriousness of elections and decide to become active participants.

I began to understand the importance of the political process while a sophomore in college. Prior to then I was somewhat oblivious to what was going on beyond my own self-centered existence. After completing a number of constitutional law courses my eyes were open to the real impact politics and elections have on peoples’ lives. I learned elections have lasting consequences.

In light of this revelation I decided to become active in Democratic campaigns and organizations. I volunteered and worked on a number of campaigns ranging from state representative to congressional and gubernatorial. Some efforts ended with electoral success and some did not. Yet regardless of whether our endeavors ended with a win or loss, what was important is that we contributed to the process in a positive way. The public was offered choices.

The public is also being offered choice in the current Democratic primary. I really agree with and embrace John Edwards’s perspective on his role in this process. In a past debate Edwards said the primary election is not about him personally, nor any other candidate running for the nomination. Edwards said when all is said and done, win or lose, everyone running for the nomination will be just fine. Edwards emphasizes that the American people are who and what this election is truly about. This election is not supposed to be about the drug companies, insurance companies, oil companies, or big corporations.

In the upcoming primary and general election the American people will have clear and distinct choices for president. Each choice lends itself to distinct paths with infinite possibilities. The public appears to be ready for change, ready for a new path. Let’s hope that choice is available next November.

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