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Good Reporting on Bad Behavior

The Lone Star Project is calling on Fort Worth State Senator Kim Brimer to fork over $357,000 to charity after the sale of a condo owned by his wife that Senator Brimer rented with campaign funds. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Jay Root does some due diligence and not only delivers fine reporting, but totally destroys the protestations of Brimer's spokesperson.

Root has been covering the 'rent-to-own' scandal involving this kind of behavior for several years. He regularly tracks the activities of Brimer, the recently fined former State Representative Toby Goodman, State Senator Jane Nelson, and State Representative VIcki Truitt, who filed legislation last year to put a stop to the whole deal.

Here are my favorite paragraph's from the Root article:

The Brimer campaign did not address the contents of the letter but, through spokesman Jarod Cox, accused Angle of working as a consultant for the senator's opponent, Democrat Wendy Davis, and of improperly using his federal political action committee on her behalf.

Angle said he doesn't work for Davis and hasn't coordinated his activities with her campaign. Cox later said he had no proof that Angle worked for Davis.

The emphasis there is mine. Sometimes all you have to do to eradicate base claims and paranoid allegations is to ask a specific question a few times and demand a straight answer. Way to go, Jay.

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