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The Grand Old Piffle

The Republican presidential primary has been nothing short of watching a rudderless boat race with no wind to fill the sails. All the Republican candidates have been going nowhere fast. Senator McCain just happened to get there first sparking quite a revolt among many conservatives causing the party to devolve into a repository of rancor and self-loathing.

However, I can’t entirely say I blame them considering I and many other progressives would be terribly vexed if we just learned Senator Lieberman won the Democratic nomination, and did so while campaigning conjoined to Senator McCain the entire time. It’s certain Senator McCain’s winning his party’s nomination bodes well for the Democratic Party in the short term. Senator McCain is going to waste a great deal of time working to pull together a party that is presently astray. This time would be better spent filling the campaign coffers for mounting what will prove to be one of the most expensive presidential bids to date.

In light of this short term blessing, the Democratic Party must remain wary of making decisions that cause long term curses. I doubt Senator McCain’s ability to unite his party, yet I fear our capacity to do it for him. Californians and New Yorkers may be somewhat insulated and immune from such curses, but the past 14 years in Texas have been tough as hell for Democrats and progressive causes. Let’s not give the Grand Old Piffle the capacity to become a party again.

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