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Hey Politico: Republican Governance Will Haunt Republicans

Politico’s Mike Allen and Ben Smith decided to engage in a little Faux News-esque hatchet work with a tortured attempt to convince their readers that Obama is too liberal to win the general election. Allen and Smith’s lame story hinges on a 1996 questionnaire an Obama campaign staffer completed during his run for state office in Illinois. They claim some of his answers will assuredly provide Republicans ammunition for their ol’ antiquated wedge issue arsenal come election time.

After two terms of Bush-Republican governance, I am confident liberal views will not haunt Obama or anyone else who might win the Democratic nomination. However Allen and Smith clearly fail to view the upcoming presidential election within any sort of context. The American public has just weathered a disastrous eight years of Republican ineptitude.

This presidential election will be about change, with wedge issues consequently diminishing in importance. The Republican presidential candidate is who will truly be haunted. He will inevitably find himself running for president while also running away from the ghosts of Republicans past.

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