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In Favor of Prop 4 and Prop 8

When Texans go to the polls today, they'll have the chance to vote on two propositions that could help make our state a leader in higher education and veterans' services. Proposition 4 would provide funding to enable emerging universities in Texas to develop into major research universities. Proposition 8 would forge a partnership between the state government and the federal government to bring a VA Hospital to the Valley and help boost facilities across the state.

Improving higher education is critical to our nation's future. For Americans to win in a world economy based on our skills and knowledge, we must make smart investments now. Currently Texas only has two public national academic research universities, but there are seven universities across the state that have the potential to achieve national prominence. By investing resources in higher education on the front end, Texas universities could set themselves up to lead the nation in higher education, keep more of our talented students in the state, and receive more research grants, all which promote long-term economic growth in Texas.

I talked about the importance of funding in higher education at a University of Houston Faculty Senate Meeting earlier this month. To read the full article, click here.

With Proposition 8, Texans can make sure that our military veterans receive what they deserve. Proposition 8 would give the state government authority to contribute funding to the nine in-patient veterans hospitals that serve more than 1.7 million veterans in Texas. By allowing state funds to be combined with federal funds, veterans' services and facilities could expand and improve.

Making sure that veterans receive the respect and resources they deserve is an issue that hits home for me. My father is a disabled WWII veteran who went to college on the GI Bill, and I was able to go to the college of my choice because of the American Legion. I have not forgotten those who serve our country, and as mayor, I joined other elected officials to create the Returning Veteran Initiative (RVI). This special initiative, which has been recognized by the Military Affairs Council, gives returning veterans the welcome they've earned with coordinated social services, reductions in red tape, and employment opportunities. Since its implementation in 2007, the Department of the Army has recognized the program as one of the finest in the country and Houston has been named one of the most military friendly cities to live and work.

Texas veterans deserve the best, and it takes the cooperation and resources of local, state and federal governments to make sure they get the services they deserve.

To find out where you can vote today, click here.

Reprinted with permission from Mayor White's senatorial campaign blog.

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