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Joe The Plumber Accuses McCain of Throwing Palin Under the Bus

Joe The Plumber's fifteen minutes of fame seem to be dwindling. He's gone from major interviews all over the media to being interviewed by college papers. In an interview with Tufts Daily, he offers up the notion that Sen. McCain is doing an insufficient job of defending the reputation of his erstwhile running mate, Gov.Sarah Palin:

This is a tough question. [The McCain campaign] is trying to throw Sarah Palin under the bus. They are trying to allude to the fact that she is the reason that John McCain might have lost this election. That does not sit well with me. John McCain has not come out and said that Sarah Palin is an honorable woman and has not protected her. In terms of my opinion, he has my respect for being a war hero, and I told him that personally, but you got to get along to go along or go along to get along. Washington has been ingrained with that mentality.

This is not an uncommon position on the right. RedState has launched an action alert called Operation: Leper to try and blacklist anyone associated with the campaign who had anything negative to say about Palin.

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