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The NRCC's Message: We're Not Sure What to Say

Below the break you can see the text of an email circulated by the National Republican Campaign Committee. In it are the makings of the message they will be pushing this election year, which seems to say, "Hey, do you think things are terrible? Well, even though we're responsible for it, we do too!"

But even more than that, with the request for some internal issue polling, what the Republican Party is essentially saying is that they don't know what you want to hear, and they would like you to tell them. So, with an email that has a subject line reading, "Are you fed up with gas prices?" the NRCC wants America's opinion!

Direct from Tom Cole, straight to your heart:

Dear Friend,

You are invited to take a National Policy Survey called the American Issue Survey.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is conducting this nationwide grass-roots project as a critical part of our efforts to rebuild and strengthen the Republican Party by getting more Americans, like you, involved.

To take this survey, please click here now.

As we approach the all-important 2008 Presidential election it is crucial that we act today to make sure the Republican Party is listening, and is focused squarely on, the top priorities of the American people.

That is why it is important you make your voice heard by completing the American Issue Survey today!

We need to know your personal views on many of the most important issues facing our politically divided nation: the economy, rising gas prices, national defense, America’s tax system, health care, Social Security, illegal immigration, government spending, and much more.

After the analysis of the American Issue Survey is complete, it will be presented to President Bush, the Republican Party Leadership and all of our Republican candidates running for office in 2008. You will also receive the results of the survey.

To make sure you receive the results, please click here today to make your voice heard by completing the American Issue Survey.

The American Issue Survey ends on Monday, June 16th, so please make sure to take the survey as soon as possible to ensure you receive the report that will be delivered to President Bush.

Thank you for helping with this vital project. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Tom Cole, M.C.
National Republican Congressional Committee

P.S. Your chance to respond to the American Issue Survey will end in a week so please make sure to click here today to make your voice heard. Thanks again for helping us with this project

The survey itself is all over the place. Some questions are constructed well, and you can tell those questions are about the issues the GOP thinks are touchy by the fact they don't have any leading elements built into them:

2. Should the U.S. Congress impose a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq? (Yes, No, Don't Know)


5. Which of the following would you trust most to control the rising cost of health care in the United States? (Government, industry, both, neither)

But they still make blind assertions about their core base, thinking that most voters on this list don't understand basic economics or the hard truths about the current oil market or, even, that environmentalism is on the rise among conservatives:

7. Should congress approve drilling for oil in Alaska’s Wildlife Refuge to increase supply and decrease cost?

Ha ha! Nothing about the causal relationship outlined in that question is true! Or even reflects reality!

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