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Perry: I'm In For 2010

Governor Rick Perry announced his intentions to seek re-election in 2010 at a forum in Grapevine on Thursday. When asked by the Dallas Morning News about the possibility of facing Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in what would be the most entertaining Republican primary in years, Governor Perry simply said "I don't know about the other two. You need to ask them."

Here's what "the other two" had to say:

Ms. Hutchison, the Republican who opted not to run against Mr. Perry in 2006, appeared unaffected by the governor's statement. She has said that her decision to run for governor would not be swayed by other candidates in the race this time.

"I am encouraged by the growing number of Texans asking me to return home to run for governor to provide leadership for our state," she said in a written statement Thursday.

"It is too early to make an announcement about the 2010 race. Right now I remain committed to serving the people of Texas in the United States Senate."

Mr. Dewhurst, a Republican, also said he would weigh his options later.

"My focus is on the 2009 legislative session and continuing to build on our successes over the past five years. Whatever I decide to do after that will be based on what's best for Texas," he said.

I'd say both of those statements leave a lot on the table. A "growing number of Texans asking me to return provide leadership for our state" and "Whatever I decide to do after that will be base on what's best for Texas" certainly wouldn't encourage me that I'd have it easy if I was in Governor Perry's shoes.

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