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Phil King and Litigious Grandparents

Last week, State Representative Phil King (R-Waco) filed an ominously-titled bill called the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (HB 2084) in the House Human Services Committee. The casual observer might infer that all manner of calamity is happening to Texas parents by the title of this bill. Are the liberals making parents schedule multicultural playdates? If so, I didn't get the memo. Have the trial lawyers finally been able to institute tort claims for minors against their parents for mental anguish resulting from being dressed oddly by them? Just what is such an affront to parents' rights in Texas that it needs be restored via a legislative act?

The affront that needs addressing is one of the oddest two-word concepts I've heard in quite some time: Litigious grandparents.

What is going on in these cases that grandparents are suing their children over unsupervised access to their grandchildren? What in the name of family values is going on here?

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