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Rasmussen, Bearer of Dark Tidings

How interesting. A new Rasmussen poll reveals another vulnerability among Senate Republicans that wouldn't have seemed obvious until the crosstabs were in front of you: Senate Minority Leader (and Kentucky Republican) Mitch McConnell.

This isn't just a clear cut case of vulnerability like we've seen with junior Senator John Cornyn only being ahead of Democratic challenger Rick Noriega by about four points. McConnell is actually polling five points behind Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford. That gap, by the way, is greater by a half point than the margin of error.

TPM Election Central chalks it up to McConnell's ties to Bush. I'm inclined to agree - the extended results show that Kentucky is really unhappy with President Bush, and McCain, as a counterpoint, currently has a 25 point lead over Obama among poll respondents.

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