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On The Record: Jann Fletcher

For this episode of On The Record, we speak with Jann Fletcher, County Chair for the Archer County Democratic Party.

What would you say are the primary issues concerning your area?

Right now, the issue is many Democratic voters don’t know whether they want to support Obama or Hillary. Many Democrats here are torn between the two choices.

How do state politics affect your neighborhood?

The Party is beginning to have more young people involved with the excitement of the presidential race, which is wonderful. In the past, we have not had the involvement of young people, who are approximately aged 40 and younger. It has been good in my opinion.

Do you have any ambition for higher office? Do you have plans to run for any other party office, or possibly even public office?

No, I have no plans to run for any further office. I am resigning from my position as county chair due to health problems. It has been difficult for me, lately, to perform the needed duties of county chair.

We are in the process of electing a new Democratic Chair right now. Someone is ready to take over the position.

Who are some of your political heroes?

When I was younger, John F. Kennedy impressed me. I thought he was a great leader.

What one thing would you say a political organization never has enough of?

I believe there is never enough volunteerism in political organizations. It is very important to the organization, and it goes beyond the local level when dealing with difficulties.

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