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Rick Perry Endorsed By Sarah Palin As A "True Conservative"

Even though the Legislature is now in session and Rick Perry can't raise any money until the session ends, his re-election bid is back in the news thanks to a letter from Governor Sarah Palin to "Texas Republican women" that was publicized earlier this week. Governor Palin endorsed Governor Perry as "the true conservative" in the Texas Gubernatorial race in 2010. Among her accolades for the Governor was this wonderful nugget:

"He walks the walk of a true conservative. And he sticks by his guns – and you know how I feel about guns," she said.

Palin cited one of the Perry campaign's top issues – opposition to federal financial bailouts. And she singled out Perry's opposition to abortion rights.

D'oh! Earlier today we found out that Governor Perry, while a vocal opponent of federal financial bailouts, will still take Texas' share of the proposed bailout pie, including $2.4 billion in transportation funds. It's another day in Texas and yet another instance of "true conservatism" smelling like the Stockyards during a cattle drive.

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