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Rick Perry Finds the Federal Government Useful...Again

A couple of weeks ago in the run-up to the Tea Parties, we discussed the difference between what Governor Rick Perry says about the Federal government versus what he asks of the Federal government. It turns out that in addition to asking for FEMA's help with wildfires, asking for American soldiers to be sent to the Mexican border and asking for an extension of Federal aid for Hurricane Ike-related cleanup, Governor Perry found another non-intrusive, non-oppressive and non-interfering way for the Federal government to help Texans today.

Earlier today, Governor Perry asked the Centers for Disease Control to send over 37,000 doses of the viral drug Tamiflu to Texas as part of preparations for the potential spread of the H1N1 swine flu virus. Who'd a thunk it (43% of us, that's who!)? Those Feds are pretty useful after all!

I'm sure we'll only have to wait a few days for the next round of sympathetic pearl clutching from the Texas GOP about how horrible and useless the Federal government is, folks. It's as predictable as sunrise and sunset...if there's a Democratic Executive and/or a Democratic Legislative branch in Washington, well keep your powder dry because those mean old Feds are on the way! If there's a Republican Executive and/or a Republican Legislative branch in Washington, however, all manner of writing discrimination into the Constitution while trimming out the pesky pieces like that Fourth Amendment are as American and patriotic as baby eagles and apple pie.

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