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Rick Perry Has Lunch Pales In His Sites

The Dallas Morning News' Trailblazers blog has the content of the latest fundraising appeal from Governor Rick Perry. Perry is under an interesting deadline; as Governor, he can't raise money during the legislative session nor during the 30 days prior to the start of the session, while Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is free to continue raising money. This means that Governor Perry has an unofficial deadline of this Saturday to raise money before the next legislative session begins.

The Perry fundraising appeal contains this not-so-subtle — and grammatically questionable — barb directed at Senator Hutchison:

We're not just battling the Democrats' liberal vision for America, but some within our midst who want to chart a course that is Democrat Lite Republican in name, Democrat in priorities.

This document is a great illustration of the difference between running something through a spellchecker versus editing a document. A spellchecker won't find anything wrong with this (emphasis mine):

While we hope that the national Democrats' left of liberal agenda will swing the next election back our direction, the other side is planning and plotting to further consolidate their gains. Just days after the 2008 election, the Los Angles Times ran a story that TEXAS is next in their sites - yes, the most Republican large state in the country.

or this:

Some think that the political pendulum will swing back now that the Democrats have total control over Washington. While I certainly see an opportunity for the re-emergence of a conservative movement focused on lunch pale issues, it won't happen if we simply offer opposition - only if we offer an alternative.

I suppose that spelling, like reality, has a liberal bias.

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