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The Super Highway To Denver

Upcoming electoral contests:

Guam (4 electoral votes) May 3
North Carolina (115 electoral votes) May 6
Indiana (72 electoral votes) May 6
West Virginia (28 electoral votes) May 13
Kentucky (51 electoral votes) May 20
Oregon (52 electoral votes) May 20
Puerto Rico (55 electoral votes) June 1
South Dakota (15 electoral votes) June 3
Montana (16 electoral votes) June 3

I played around with CNN's delegate counter site based on current polling taken from Mystery Pollster to get a feel for how things look after tonight.

Unless the Clinton campaign is successful in driving up Obama's negatives to radically shift the polls in her favor or unless the Obama campaign is successful in driving up Clinton's negatives to radically shift the polls in his favor or unless someone has a dealbreaker of a skeleton in his or her closet that we haven't seen yet, this contest will either be decided by superdelegates before the convention or by superdelegates at the convention.

There is simply too little delegate ground left to contest for one candidate or another to win this without the support of superdelegates.

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