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The Texas House Takes Up Voter ID

From the Dallas Morning News and Representative Aaron Pena's (D-Edinburg) Twitter feed comes the latest news on the voter identification bill up for consideration in the Texas State House of Representatives. Both the DMN article and Representative Pena indicate that most of the minds in the Election Committee are already made up on this issue and the DMN article goes as far as to say that the committee members are shaping up for a vote along partisan lines on the legislation.

None of these things should come as any surprise to any observer of Texas politics or of the voter identification issue. Given the choice of addressing real problems facing real people on a daily basis or tilting at imaginary windmills as cover to disenfranchise American citizens, Texas Republicans have chosen to work towards making exercising the right to vote more difficult. Just like the Republicans' 19th century ideas on immigration, things like this will only help to turn Texas purple sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, in the short term, it will be at the cost of democratic process.

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