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Unintended Consequences

Rush Limbaugh has come to call his requests for Republican listeners to switch parties and vote for Hillary Clinton "Operation Chaos". Never mind that it is illegal — now Rush is creating problems for his Republican listeners that follow orders.

Rush pulled this song and dance in Mississippi and tons of Republicans switched parties for a day to vote for Hillary Clinton, just like Rush suggested. Now those people can't vote in a hotly-contested Republican Primary runoff in Mississippi's First District, from whence came Roger Wicker, Trent Lott's replacement in the Senate:

But in Mississippi, those party-switchers may not have realized the implications of their decision: The Republicans who voted in last month’s Democratic primary now are not allowed to cast ballots in Tuesday’s hotly contested runoff between Glenn McCullough, the former chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Greg Davis, mayor of one of the fastest-growing towns in the state’s 1st Congressional District.

And given how close the race could end up being, the fact that those ticket-splitters must stay on the sidelines could mean the difference between a McCullough and a Davis victory.

The lesson all you Dittoheads should take from this is that doing stuff Rush Limbaugh tells you to do is a bad idea and may in fact impede you later in life.

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