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After the Tea Parties, A Little Perspective

Today is Tax Day in America. This year, it's also Tea Party Day. The Tea Parties are a grassroots movement (wherein "grassroots" means "pumped up by FOX News and Dick Armey") full of people who are six degrees of fed up with all of this big government spending. And the stimulus. And public assistance. And socialism. And...and...oh, it's not even worth making fun of it any more, folks.

The thing that really rubs me the wrong way about the Tea Parties is the deeply malevolent cynicism that motivates them. To say that there is a massive credibility gap underpinning the whole movement does not begin to do it justice. Where was this outrage while George Bush blew through Bill Clinton's budget surplus? Where was this "I can't take it any more!" attitude when the Bush administration ran our deficit into almost incomprehensible territory? Where was all this patriotism and concern for voting when the Bush administration was selecting which parts of the Constitution we as Americans could have and scuttling decades worth of advances in voting rights?

I'll tell you where it was, folks. It was keeping it's mouth shut because to these people a Republican can do no wrong while a Democrat can do no right. There's your Tea Party in a soundbite.


I have been a Republican for years and always felt that I was choosing the lesser of two evils. I am now a party of one (The Minutemen Party). I am sick and tired of incumbent politicians that refuse to take the responsibility for their empowered discretion. Let’s face the facts fellow Americans, our elected officials have botched everything that we granted them charge over. If you and I print money in our basements we would go to jail for a long time but if our officials print unearned trillions it is legal. One military strategy in war time is to infiltrate the adversary’s economic system with counterfeit or unearned money. The idea behind this tactic is to promote complacency by unrestricting purchase power and in so doing incentive is destroyed. We must demand that our elected officials hear our collective dissatisfied voices. We must completely revamp our Government by getting involved in local government. I am seriously considering running for district office and the reason why is because I seek to re-empower the American people. I have no political ties and my loyalties lie with the American people. My idea of Government is echoing the constituents’ voice and implementing their desires in a constitutionally correct way. Consider my views; I am opposed to abortion and homosexual behavior, however, as a district represented my opinion does not matter. On all major issues I would spend tax dollars to allow my constituents to come and vote on the issue at hand. Regardless of my opinion on the issue my stance would be dictated to me by the people I speak for. If the majority voted for abortion and homosexual behavior then I would vote for them as well. When the people speak majority must be herd. If you agree with type of government please respond.

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