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Anonymous Website Promoting "Biden 09"

Apparently, someone thinks it's funny to make jokes about Joe Biden as President in 2009.

There are three paths to Biden being President in 2009:

  1. Barack Obama dies in office of natural causes,
  2. Barack Obama resigns from office or is impeached and removed from office, or
  3. Barack Obama is assassinated.

Given that the last time we had a Democratic President, Republican Senators were openly joking about his assassination, one can only assume Republicans would be equally tacky and offensive now. After all, impeachment didn't work with Clinton.


Sore losers

They're sore loser. After Clinton was elected, it wasn't long before they were talking impeachment. Barack Obama is not yet in office and Limbaugh is blaming the economic meltdown on him. Michael Reagan was talking about impeachment already just the other day. Maybe he doesn't realize there have to be grounds...

Steve Southwell
WhosPlayin? Blog:

They're already talking about impeachment, too.

Check out Reagan Action. Nothing is off the table for these people. -dx

Hack it

This is a case where I wish I knew someone with some killer hacking skillz.

Personally I have never seen

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