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Arbitering the Unthinkable

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I've always believed that forced arbitration agreements are one of the most stark displays of unchecked corporate power beating down The Little Guy. The idea that companies that are big enough and that supply services that one will nearly inevitably need -- for example credit card companies, cell phone companies, home builders, and other such industries that are never very popular with consumers -- can by merit of their size and the standards of their profession avoid all accountability in the judiciary, the one institution designed to be the protector-of-last-resort of the rights of the few, is appalling to me. But I was left numb by the idea that it was even possible that forced arbitration be enforceable in a rape case.

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Re: Arbitering the Unthinkable

The credit card is one of the worst inventions ever. However, as much evil as a credit card does, it can do some good. Besides making a wonderful coaster for small glasses, and being able to open your door in a pinch if you forgot your keys, they work in an emergency. That's the best use – because using one infrequently will keep you out of debt, and people who can't even afford the minimum payments and have multiple cards are the ones who file often for personal bankruptcy. They work well in a financial crisis, and making only small purchases you pay off promptly will build credit, but a payday loan can work just as well as a credit card and debt consolidation.

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