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Interview with State Representative Ellen Cohen

On this episode of Who's Blue?, I talk with Ellen Cohen, freshman State Representative from District 134 in Harris County.

We discuss her experiences so far in the 80th Session, her work at the Houston Area Women's Center, and legislation concerning the Texas Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

14:30 minutes (6.64 MB)

Interview with Barbara Ann Radnofsky

This week, I had a conversation with Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Texas Democratic candidate for US Senate in 2006. We discuss her campaign, her future plans, and her book "The Dancer's Dead," available from

18:10 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with Terry McAuliffe

Joining me this week is Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee chairman and current chair of Senator Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

We discuss his long and storied career in politics, the American political landscape ahead of the presidential primaries, and his new book, "What A Party."

11:50 minutes (5.42 MB)

Interview with State Representative Richard Raymond

This week, I interview Richard Raymond, State Representative from District 42. We discuss a number of bills up for consideration this session, the proposed restoration of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, and the partisan environment in the State House.

42:15 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Dennis Teal

This week we interview Dr. Dennis Teal, the State Democratic Executive Committeeman from Senate District 3.

We'll be discussing the state party leadership structure, Democratic politics in rural Texas, and his role on the committee.

31:05 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with David Van Os

We ask David Van Os about the conversation currently underway concerning interaction between the 2006 statewide Democratic candidate slate and the state party organization, we discussed his approach to campaigning, and we get his response to a recent editorial about the Texas Democratic Party's involvement in statewide campaigns recently published in The Texas Blue.

47:30 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with State Representative Juan Garcia

We ask State Representative Juan Garcia about his approach to campaigning, his unusual legislative activity during the first week of his freshman session, and his progression from naval aviator to elected official.

22:25 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with State Representative Paula Hightower Pierson

Paula Hightower Pierson, State Representative for District 93, talks to us about her path from the Arlington City Council to state government, the explosive growth in North Texas, and her plans for this legislative session.

16:45 minutes (7.67 MB)

Interview with State Representative Valinda Bolton

Who's Blue - Interview with State Representative Valinda Bolton

19:15 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with State Representative Mark Strama

Mark Strama, State Representative for District 50, talks to us about the youth vote, the upcoming legislative agenda, and the true origins of Stramarama.

23:40 minutes (8 MB)
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