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Give Thanks For: Election Night

It is hard to pick just one memory of a time when I was really happy to be in politics, because the whole ordeal of campaigning is one big rush. One event that does stick out to me, though, is the Sam Coats election night party...

Winners of the Fidel Castro Straw Poll: Clinton/Obama

Now we all know the most recent rumors of Fidel Castro's passing can be nothing more than a vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit what they knew would be the long-time Cuban dictator's prediction for the 2008 presidential election. Because if we can trust any source to present an accurate, fair, and balanced assessment of the political happenings in the United States, it is Captain Communist Longbeard himself.

The Holy Trinity Project

For those who don’t live in Dallas proper, all of this hubbub about some road that is to be built along the Trinity River may seem like a bunch of wasted breath and paper. Even within Dallas, many are eager to see an end to the bitter infighting that has resulted from the 1998 referendum to construct the nation’s largest and most beautiful park and recreation area.

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