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Cornyn on Bats: A Little Light Reading

Sometimes you don't have to write much about an item of interest in order for it to turn into a great update. Sometimes these things write themselves. Sometimes in the same week Senator John Cornyn votes against health insurance for poor little kids, he sends an update to his constituent newsletter list about an issue of critical importance: bats, and where they go in winter, and what they mean to Texas.

What If...

I can see how this bat update might backfire on him with some of his supporters...

"Wait a goldurned minute! You mean to tell me these bats head south of the border for winter and then come back here and eat all our native Texas bugs?!?!? What in the name of Sam Hill is going on here?!?! These bats are freeloading off our rich American bug supply and forcing American bats to move elsewhere for bugs! This is an outrage to American bats everywhere! Stop the illegal Mexican bat migration!"

The answer, of a giant bat fence along the border.

Threat to society

Bats are the 2nd greatest to bears.

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