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CQ Says Chet Edwards Is Safe

Congressional Quarterly does a ton of legwork in determining which districts are safe zones for their incumbents and which are ripe for the picking by the opposition. Congressman Chet Edwards has been the most targeted Democratic member of the House for several cycles but he has maintained his spot by being extraordinarily talented and serving his district incredibly well.

This is the best the GOP has been able to muster for 2008, and CQ has put Edwards' seat in the Safe Democratic category as a result:

The 2008 Republican nominee is Rob Curnock, the owner of a video production company who lost Republican primaries for the seat in 2000 and 2002. He doesn’t have a statement of candidacy or a statement of organization on file with the Federal Election Commission, which requires such documents of candidates who have raised or spent $5,000. Edwards, on the other hand, had piled up $1.3 million in receipts for this election cycle through Feb. 13 and had more than $1 million in cash on hand as of that date.


That's good news, indeed.

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