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Craddick Drops Speaker Bid

The Austin American-Statesman's Postcards from the Lege blog is reporting that Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) has confirmed that Representative Tom Craddick (R-Midland) has dropped his bid to be re-elected as Speaker of the House for the 81st Legislature.

The post goes on to discuss that Craddick's supporters are meeting tonight to organize against the Speaker bid of Representative Joe Straus (R-San Antonio).

UPDATE (7:14pm): Representative Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) has released the names of 85 Representatives who have pledged to support his bid for Speaker. He will hold a press conference at 10:30am tomorrow morning in Austin.


Meanwhile, Joe Straus has announced a list of 85 House members who have pledged to support him. That's 15 Republicans and 70 Dems. Straus is a sincere Republican, but he will owe his Speakership to the Democratic caucus. Hopefully he'll repay that support with fairness in committee assignments and in the general running of the House.

Unless he really screws up, or unless there's an electoral landslide in 2010, Straus is almost certain to remain Speaker for the 2011 redistricting session. Having a Speaker on good terms with us would be a Very Good Thing.

Agree on Redistricting

You know, one thing that I think has been under-discussed in the whole back-and-forth about Craddick's legacy and the resurgence of Texas Democrats is that we've whittled a 26 seat Republican majority down to a 1 seat Republican majority with districts that were drawn to favor Republicans.

That's a pretty humbling and energizing point to consider.

With redistricting taking place under politically even or possibly slightly Democratic favorable terms in 2011 with a Speaker who governs from both sides of the aisle, who knows what we might be able to accomplish in 2012 and beyond?

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