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Does Craddick's Failure In Court Bode Well For Davis?

Kim Brimer's lawsuit looking to get challenger Wendy Davis off of the ticket for state Senate is even more interesting in light of the recent decision against House Speaker Tom Craddick putting former Midland City Councilman Bill Dingus on the ballot against him.

A district court ruled Monday that Bill Dingus, who was still on the Midland City Council when he announced his candidacy against Craddick, was still eligible to run against him because his term as councilman would not overlap with a term as state representative. The ruling seems to effectively declare the date of resignation unimportant, as long as it occurs prior to taking the new office — which seems to me to be pretty much the only leg the Brimer lawsuit stands on. A KXAN story on the ruling notes additionally that "a 1996 federal court ruling following a Midland election said council members could announce candidacy for any office under the assumption they would resign once sworn into the new position."

So what do you guys think — is there a point to the Brimer lawsuit other than to give him something to put in a contrived attack ad, or does the district court decision basically make his suit groundless?

"Is there a point to Brimer's lawsuit?"

I would say the point doesn't hurt to try. I mean really, what does the man have to lose at this point? He has no defense for himself, so I guess he figures, whynot try the lawsuit. He can't cover up his record. Bye Bye Brimer.

I Agree

When it's July and you are suing to have your opponent removed from the ballot, that's got to be a bit of a no-confidence vote in yourself.

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