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Hark! The Economy!

This morning I watched a little early morning MSNBC while I finished my coffee, and I saw a Campaign Alert(!!!!) that read: "John McCain to Criticize Barack Obama on Economy at 9AM."

This struck me as just a tad weird, that a contrarian policy speech in a presidential race would merit a Campaign Alert(!!) before it even occurred, but there you have it. Although I'm not sure the economy is a message McCain ought to pursue. NPR reported on the results of a Pew poll yesterday during All Things Considered that shows Obama leading McCain on economic issues by 15 points. I'm fairly sure that +/- 5 of that is due to party affiliation.

I think it is funny that McCain says he is interested in "keeping taxes low" for American families but that his actual policies endorse keeping taxes low for business and wealthy people. I'm not even going to make the argument that Barack Obama isn't really going to propose tax increases, because he will - on the wealthiest individuals and on corporations that have enjoyed years of loopholes and wink-wink deals that prevent them from paying their fair share.

You know what? I'm glad Obama wants to raise taxes on those that should be paying more in the first place while giving a break to working families. I embrace it, because I would like a government that pays for what it is doing and asks everyone to chip in, not just the people that don't have a strong lobby.

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