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Obama conceded on Indiana. (Sort of.) Clinton claimed victory. (But was awfully conciliatory.) However, I think the most interesting news tidbit came out of Russert about half an hour ago, when he just sort of mentioned off the cuff that Clinton has cancelled her entire public schedule on Wednesday (except for one fundraiser in Washington.) Patrick suspects deals have already been cut; I am inclined to think deals are being cut right now, but to what end, I don't know.

Final numbers, Clinton wins Indiana by 2%

or about 20,000 votes. But it doesn't matter. Obama's 15-point win in North Carolina will set off a superdelegate stampede if Clinton doesn't withdraw outright.

The state convention just got a lot less interesting.

Why we go with the SoS

Final numbers aren't out yet.

CNN & Co. are reporting 99% of precincts reporting, yes. But the Indiana Secretary of State is reporting 90%, nearly half a day after you posted that comment. Still a 4% spread.

Yeah, exit polls are nice -- they let you estimate that sort of thing ahead of time. But they've also been consistently skewed this cycle. And between CNN and the Secretary of State, guess which results actually count in the national convention? :-)

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